Our Music

Music used to be tuneful - you would hear a great new song, and the melody stood right out.   You'd quickly find yourself humming the new song.   In later years, that music would seem old and tired, so it'd get "jazzed up", or a jazzy tune would get turned into a ballad, etc.   Unfortunately, the original melody would often get lost in the process!

The Orchestria Palm Court restaurant features music from the early part of the last century, played the way it was originally heard in a bar or restaurant - on mechanical music machines.  If you're thinking "amusement park kitsch", think again.  You'll be hearing bluesy jazz, catchy show tunes, pieces from operettas, clever novelty songs, and more.

Below are a few recordings that were written in the 'teens and '­ 20s.  Some remain as "standards" today, while others are long forgotten.  But you'll find them all entertaining!

Restored Imhof & Mukle
"Commandant 2" Orchestrion
Courtesy of the David William Allen
and William Noble Lee Trusts

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